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Nov-2014 An alternative measure of economic inequality in the light of opticsMajumder, Amlan
14-May-2015 An alternative measure of economic inequality under the Lorenz curve framework in analogue to the index of refraction of geometrical opticsMajumder, Amlan
2010 Balanced Consistency and Balanced Cost Reduction for Sequencing Problemsvan den Brink, Rene / Chun, Youngsub
1997 Contractarian approaches to intergenerational justice: paper presented at the Tinbergen Institute, Amsterdam, June 1996 and at the annual meeting of the European Public Choice Society, Prague, April 1997Weikard, Hans-Peter
2005 A contribution to the theory of optimal utilitarian income taxationHellwig, Martin
2008 Rich meets Poor - An International Fairness ExperimentCappelen, Alexander W. / Moene, Karl Ove / Sørensen, Erik Ø. / Tungodden, Bertil
2010 Measuring Socioeconomic Inequality in Health, Health Care and Health Financing by Means of Rank-Dependent Indices: A Recipe for Good PracticeErreygers, Guido / Ourti, Tom Van
2007 What´s the monetary value of distributive justiceCorneo, Giacomo / Fong, Christina M.
2009 Is novelty always a good thing? Towards an evolutionary welfare economicsSchubert, Christian
2011 Who helps whom? Risk taking and solidarity in a virtual world experimentLübbe, Ingmar / Bolle, Friedel

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