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2008 WTP vs. WTA: christmas presents and the endowment effectBauer, Thomas K. / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2006 The provision and pricing of excludable public goods: Ramsey-Boiteux Pricing versus bundlingHellwig, Martin
2008 Perfect competition in an oligopoly (including bilateral monopoly)Dubey, Pradeep / Sondermann, Dieter
2013 Social costs of jobs lost due to environmental regulationsBartik, Timothy J.
2007 To claim or not to claim: estimating non-take-up of social assistance in Germany and the role of measurement errorFrick, Joachim R. / Groh-Samberg, Olaf
2013 A new perspective on the economic valuation of informal care: The well-being approach revisitedKehl, Konstantin / Stahlschmidt, Stephan
2009 Utilitarian mechanism design for an excludable public goodHellwig, Martin
2009 Green serves the dirtiest : on the interaction between Black and Green QuotasBöhringer, Christoph / Rosendahl, Knut Einar
2013 Verteilungseffekte von Kapazitätsmechanismen: Auf den Typ kommt es anKemfert, Claudia / Traber, Thure
2008 Limited insurance within the household: Evidence from a field experiment in KenyaRobinson, Jonathan

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