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2011 The social cost of carbon on an optimal balanced growth pathKögel, Tomas
2007 Local Governments in the Wake of Demographic Change: Efficiency and Economies of Scale in German MunicipalitiesGeys, Benny / Heinemann, Friedrich / Kalb, Alexander
2008 The struggle between equity and efficiency: Do nordic countries have a free lunch?Berthold, Norbert / Brunner, Alexander B.
2008 A social welfare function characterizing competitive equilibria of incomplete financial marketsTirelli, Mario / Turner, Sergio
2008 Comparative vigilanceFeldman, Allan M. / Singh, Ram
2008 Comparative vigilance: A simple guideFeldman, Allan M. / Singh, Ram
2003 Victim or injurer: Negligence-based liability rules under role-type uncertainty, with an extension to collisions of different-sized vehiclesKim, Jeonghyun / Feldman, Allan M.
2009 The efficient and fair approval of "multiple-cost - single-benefit" projects under unilateral informationKahana, Nava / Mealem, Yosef / Nitzan, Shmuel
2013 Considering Household Size in Contingent Valuation StudiesAhlheim, Michael / Schneider, Friedrich
2013 Residential Parking in Vibrant City DistrictsMolenda, Inga / Sieg, Gernot

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