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2010 The Theory of Incentive Mechanisms and the Samuelson Critique of a Contractarian Approach to Public-Good ProvisionBierbrauer, Felix / Hellwig, Martin
2012 Estimating the influence of life satisfaction and positive affect on later income using sibling fixed-effectsDe Neve, Jan-Emmanuel / Oswald, Andrew J.
2010 Public-good provision in a large economyBierbrauer, Felix / Hellwig, Martin
2012 Job characteristics and subjective well-being in Australia: A capability approach perspectiveSuppa, Nicolai
2013 Nominal or Real? The Impact of Regional Price Levels on Satisfaction with LifeDeckers, Thomas / Falk, Armin / Schildberg-Hörisch, Hannah
2010 World heritage list: Does it make sense?Frey, Bruno S. / Steiner, Lasse
2009 Making world heritage truly global : the culture certificate schemeFrey, Bruno S. / Pamini, Paolo
2004 Redistribution and Provision of Public Goods in an Economic FederationAronsson, Thomas / Blomquist, Sören
2004 Is there a Race-to-the-Bottom in the Setting of Welfare Benefit Levels? Evidence from a Policy InterventionDahlberg, Matz / Edmark, Karin
2004 Spatial Correlates of U.S. Heights and BMIs, 2002Komlos, John / Lauderdale, Benjamin E.

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