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2011 Should Cash Transfers Be Confined to the Poor? Implications for Poverty and Inequality in Latin AmericaAcosta, Pablo A. / Leite, Phillippe / Rigolini, Jamele
2011 Top down or bottom up? A cross-national study of vertical occupational sex segregation in twelve European CountriesSchäfer, Andrea / Tucci, Ingrid / Gottschall, Karin
2001 Das Principal-Agent-Verhältnis zwischen Bevölkerung und Politik als zentrales Problem der Alterssicherung in DeutschlandFasshauer, Stephan
2014 Do we really value identified lives more highly than statistical lives?Russell, Louise B.
2011 A direct test of socially desirable responding in contingent valuation interviewsBörger, Tobias
2011 Respondent incentives in contingent valuation: The role of reciprocityAhlheim, Michael / Börger, Tobias / Frör, Oliver
2011 Latin American Middle Classes: The Distance between Perception and RealityLora, Eduardo / Fajardo, Deisy Johanna
2012 Modeling inequity aversion in a dictator game with productionRodriguez-Lara, Ismael / Moreno-Garrido, Luis
2012 Migrants, ethnicity and the welfare stateEpstein, Gil S.
2011 Beyond GDP and Back: What is the Value-added by Additional Components of Welfare Measurement?Kassenböhmer, Sonja C. / Schmidt, Christoph M.

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