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2009 Participación en organizaciones sociales en Chile: ¿una alternativa para mejorar el bienestar económico de los hogares?Salazar, César A. / Jaime, Mónica M.
2011 Ambiguity aversion and tradeDe Castro, Luciano I. / Chateauneuf, Alain
2015 Analyzing nutritional impacts of price and income related shocks in Malawi: Simulating household entitlements to foodHarttgen, Kenneth / Klasen, Stephan / Rischke, Ramona
2002 Subjective Questions to Measure Welfare and Well-beingFerrer-i-Carbonell, Ada
2013 Third person effects in interview responses on life satisfactionChadi, Adrian
2011 Vignette Equivalence and Response Consistency; The Case of Job SatisfactionFerrer-i-Carbonell, Ada / Praag, Bernard M.S. Van / Theodossiou, Ioannis
2012 New Developments in the Measurement of Welfare and Well-beingvan Praag, Bernard M.S. / Plug, Erik J.S.
2006 On the edge: The role of food-based safety nets in helping vulnerable households manage food insecurityBrown, Lynn / Gentilini, Ugo
2000 Transboundary environmental problems with a mobile population: Is there a need for central policy?Hoel, Michael / Shapiro, Perry
2012 Volunteering, happiness and public policyBinder, Martin / Freytag, Andreas

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