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2008 Climate Policy and the Problem of Competitiveness: Border Tax Adjustments or Integrated Emission Trading?Löschel, Andreas / Alexeeva-Talebi, Victoria / Mennel, Tim
2002 Taxation and unemployment: an applied general equilibrium approach for GermanyBoeters, Stefan / Böhringer, Christoph / Feil, Michael
2002 Recycling of eco-taxes, labor market effects and the true cost of labor: a CGE analysisLöschel, Andreas / Conrad, Klaus
2002 Dismantling of a breakthrough: the Kyoto Protocol - just symbolic policy!Böhringer, Christoph / Vogt, Carsten
2002 Rio - 10 Years After: A Critical Appraisal of Climate PolicyBöhringer, Christoph / Vogt, Carsten
2002 Environmental tax differentiation between industries and households - implications for efficiency and employment: a multi-sector intertemporal CGE analysis for GermanyBöhringer, Christoph
2003 Climate Policy Beyond Kyoto: Quo Vadis? A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis Based on Expert JudgementsBöhringer, Christoph / Löschel, Andreas
2008 Alleviating Adverse Implications of EU Climate Policy on Competitiveness: The Case for Border Tax Adjustments or the Clean Development Mechanism?Anger, Niels / Alexeeva-Talebi, Victoria / Löschel, Andreas
2009 Heterogeneous labour markets in a microsimulation-AGE model: application to welfare reform in GermanyBoeters, Stefan / Feil, Michael
2012 The value-added of sectoral disaggregation: Implications on competitive consequences of climate change policiesAlexeeva-Talebi, Victoria / Böhringer, Christoph / Löschel, Andreas / Voigt, Sebastian

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