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DateTitle Authors
2011 Risk aversion heterogeneity, risky jobs and wealth inequalityCozzi, Marco
2005 Monetary equilibria in a cash-in-advance economy with incomplete financial marketsBai, Jinhui H. / Schwarz, Ingolf
2009 Gas Storage Valuation under Limited Market Liquidity: An Application in GermanyFelix, Bastian / Woll, Oliver / Weber, Christoph
2003 A general equilibrium financial asset economy with transaction costs and trading constraintsMilne, Frank / Neave, Edwin
2010 Limited Risk-Sharing and Capital StructureSchüwer, Ulrich
2001 The Influence of Heterogeneous Preferences on Asset Prices in an Incomplete Market ModelNiehaus, Frank
2011 Equilibrium pricing in incomplete markets under translation invariant preferencesCheridito, Patrick / Horst, Ulrich / Kupper, Michael / Pirvu, Traian A.
2011 Continuous equilibrium under base preferences and attainable initial endowmentsHorst, Ulrich / Kupper, Michael / Macrina, Andrea / Mainberger, Christoph
2001 Financial innovation, market participation and asset pricesCalvet, Laurent / Gonzalez-Eiras, Martín / Sodini, Paolo
2005 Aggregate savings when individual income variesFlodén, Martin

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