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DateTitle Authors
2011 Polarization, risk and welfare in general equilibriumModalsli, Jørgen Heibø
2010 The tragedy of annuitizationHeijdra, Ben J. / Mierau, Jochen O. / Reijnders, Laurie S. M.
2011 Precautionary savings and wealth inequality: A global sensitivity analysisCozzi, Marco
2011 Optimal unemployment insurance in GE: A robust calibration approachCozzi, Marco
2005 Limited enforceable international loans, international risk sharing and tradeScholl, Almuth
2011 Equilibrium heterogeneous-agent models as measurement tools: Some Monte Carlo evidenceCozzi, Marco
2011 Risk aversion heterogeneity, risky jobs and wealth inequalityCozzi, Marco
2005 Monetary equilibria in a cash-in-advance economy with incomplete financial marketsBai, Jinhui H. / Schwarz, Ingolf
2009 Information, heterogeneity and market incompletenessGraham, Liam / Wright, Stephen
2003 A general equilibrium financial asset economy with transaction costs and trading constraintsMilne, Frank / Neave, Edwin

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