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DateTitle Authors
2010 Intertemporal equilibria with knightian uncertaintyDana, Rose-Anne / Riedel, Frank
2007 Encephalization and Division of Labor by early humansHartwick, John
2009 Is there a Walrasian equilibrium in exchange markets with endowment effectSchwarz, Christian / Stroinski, Uwe
2006 Two algorithms for solving the Walrasian equilibrium inequalitiesBrown, Donald J. / Kannan, Ravi
2009 Exploitation as the unequal exchange of labour: An axiomatic approachYoshihara, Naoki / Veneziani, Roberto
2011 Ignorance is bliss: Rationality, information and equilibriumBarde, Sylvain
2013 Reaching Market Equilibrium Merely by Bilateral BartersFlåm, Sjur Didrik
2010 Communal responsibility and the coexistence of money and credit under anonymous matchingBoerner, Lars / Ritschl, Albrecht
2011 Ambiguity aversion and tradeDe Castro, Luciano I. / Chateauneuf, Alain
2013 Saving Private ParetoHouba, Harold / Luttens, Roland Iwan / Weikard, Hans-Peter

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