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DateTitle Authors
2013 Bank competition and financial stability: A general equilibrium expositionDe Nicolò, Gianni / Lucchetta, Marcella
2011 Trade and Imperfect Competition in General EquilibriumKoska, Onur A. / Stähler, Frank
2014 Public policies, growth, and agglomerationOtt, Ingrid / Soretz, Susanne
2014 Fair and Efficient Lotteries over Indivisible GoodsBasteck, Christian
2010 Dynamic systems of social interactionsHorst, Ulrich
2003 A fresh look on economic evolution from kinetic viewpointLehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco
2004 A note on continuously decomposed evolving exchange economiesLehmann-Waffenschmidt, Marco
2006 Monetary equilibria in a Baumol-Tobin economySchwarz, Ingolf
2009 The nature of equilibrium in macroeconomics: A critique of equilibrium search theoryAoki, Masanao / Yoshikawa, Hiroshi
2011 Selection in asset markets: The good, the bad, and the unknownBottazzi, Giulio / Dindo, Pietro

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