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DateTitle Authors
2012 Strategic complexities in the combinatorial clock auctionKnapek, Stephan / Wambach, Achim
2002 Tilting the supply schedule to enhance competition in uniform-price auctionsLiCalzi, Marco / Pavan, Alessandro
2012 Auction design with fairness concerns: Subsidies vs. set-asidesPai, Mallesh M. / Vohra, Rakesh
2013 Mergers in Bidding MarketsJanssen, Maarten / Karamychev, Vladimir
2013 The Impact of Scoring Weights on Price and Quality Outcomes: An Application to the Procurement of Welfare-to-Work ContractsKoning, Pierre / van de Meerendonk, Arthur
2013 Gaming in Combinatorial Clock AuctionsJanssen, Maarten / Karamychev, Vladimir
2000 Competitive Bidding in Auctions with Private and Common ValuesGoeree, Jacob K. / Offerman, Theo
2007 If Winning isn't Everything, why do they keep Score? A Structural Empirical Analysis of Dutch Flower Auctionsvan den Berg, Gerard J. / van der Klaauw, Bas
2002 A laboratory stress-test of bid, double and offer auctionsSøberg, Morten
2004 Null or Zero Players: The Difference between the Shapley Value and the Egalitarian Solutionvan den Brink, René

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