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2014 Third-degree Price Discrimination in the Presence of Congestion ExternalityCzerny, Achim I. / Zhang, Anming
2006 Russian Natural Gas Exports to Europe: Effects of Russian Gas Market Reforms and the Rising Market Power of GazpromSagen, Eirik Lund / Tsygankova, Marina
2014 A Model of Quality Uncertainty with a Continuum of Quality LevelsGertz, Christopher
2009 Wages and productivity growth in a dynamic oligopolyBester, Helmut / Milliou, Chrysovalantou / Petrakis, Emmanuel
2008 Platform Intermediation in a Market for Differentiated ProductsGaleotti, Andrea / Moraga-Gonzalez, Jose Luis
2009 A Monopolist in Public Transport: Undersupply or Oversupply?Karamychev, Vladimir A. / van Reeven, Peran
2011 La prestación del servicio postal universal en un contexto de precio uniforme y descremado del mercado: ¿Existe riesgo de graveyard spiral?Pateiro Rodríguez, Carlos / Prado Domínguez, Javier / García Iglesias, Jesús M.
2009 Postal payment services in HungaryTurján, Anikó
2009 Optional linear input prices in vertical relationsSalim, Claudia
2005 The Social Cost of Optimal Taxes in an Imperfectly Competitive EconomySelim, Sheikh

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