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2009 Price distributions and competitionBurdett, Kenneth / Smith, Eric
2011 Efficient redistribution: Comparing basic income with unemployment benefitFitzRoy, Felix / Jin, Jim
2002 Staggering and Synchronisation of Prices in a Low Inflation Environment: Evidence from German Food StoresLoy, Jens-Peter / Weiss, Christoph R.
2001 Simultaneous over- and underconfidence: Evidence from experimental asset marketsMaciejovsky, Boris / Kirchler, Erich
2008 What Do Micro Price Data Tell Us on the Validity of the New Keynesian Phillips Curve?Alvarez González, Luis Julián
2003 Self-interest, Social Wealth, and Competition as a Discovery Procedure : A classroom experiment that makes the "invisible hand" visibleKirstein, Roland / Schmidtchen, Dieter
1999 Wie die "unsichtbare Hand" funktioniert: Gewinnmaximierung als Triebfeder der Effizienz. Ein "classroom-experiment"Kirstein, Roland / Schmidtchen, Dieter
2002 Eigennutz als Triebfeder des Wohlstands: Die "invisible hand" - im Hörsaal-Experiment sichtbar gemachtKirstein, Roland / Schmidtchen, Dieter
2010 Industry concentration dynamics and structural changes: The case of aerospace & defenceLyócsa, Štefan / Svoboda, Svatopluk / Výrost, Tomáš
2008 Price setting and market structure: An empirical analysis of micro dataCoricelli, Fabrizio / Horváth, Roman

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