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DateTitle Authors
2006 Forecasting the term structure of variance swapsDetlefsen, Kai / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2011 Market experience and willingness to trade: Evidence from repeated markets with symmetric and asymmetric informationLindsay, Luke
2013 Two Sides of a Medal: The Changing Relationship between Religious Diversity and ReligiosityOpfinger, Matthias
2006 The transition to electronic trading in the secondary treasury marketMizrach, Bruce / Neely, Christopher J.
1998 Scale Economics, Market Power, and Pricing Behavior Evidence from German Newspaper and Magazine PublishingLehmann, Erik / Weigand, Jürgen
2000 Price capping and peak-load pricing in network industriesBrunekreeft, Gert
2006 Acquisition versus greenfield: The impact of the mode of foreign bank entry on information and bank lending ratesClaeys, Sophie / Hainz, Christa
2013 Price convergence in Euroland: Evidence from micro data without noiseMeyer, Sophie-Charlotte / Schettkat, Ronald
2003 The Lender-Borrower Relationship with Risk Averse LendersPausch, Thilo
2011 Partial price discrimination by an upstream monopolistBru, Lluís / Faulí-Oller, Ramon / Sandonís, Joel

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