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DateTitle Authors
2010 Motivated sellers in the housing marketSelcuk, Cemil
2003 Inflation inequality in the United StatesHobijn, Bart / Lagakos, David
2005 Twin-peaks in EU regional productivity dynamics : a nonparametric analysisFotopoulos, Georgios
2006 Social segregation in secondary schools: how does England compare with other countries?Jenkins, Stephen P. / Micklewright, John / Schnepf, Sylke Viola
2011 The measurement of educational inequality: Achievement and opportunityFerreira, Francisco H. G. / Gignoux, Jérémie
2014 Rugby League in Australia between 2001 and 2012: an Analysis of Home Advantage and Salary Cap ViolationsLongden, Thomas / Kannard, Greg
2006 Cake division by majority decisionGersbach, Hans / Pachl, Bernhard
2015 Intra-household inequalities in child rights and well-being: A barrier to progress?Rodriguez Takeuchi, Laura
2015 European-wide inequality in times of the financial crisisBönke, Timm / Schröder, Carsten
2015 Private spending on children's education: Low-income families pay relatively moreSchröder, Carsten / Spieß, C. Katharina / Storck, Johanna

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