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2011 Patterns of persistent poverty: Evidence from EU-SILCJenkins, Stephen / van Kerm, Philippe
2012 Alike in many ways: Intergenerational and sibling correlations of brothers' earningsBingley, Paul / Cappellari, Lorenzo
2005 The 2005 Lawrence R. Klein lecture: emergent class structureMatsuyama, Kiminori
2007 Recent trends in household wealth in the United States: rising debt and the middle-class squeezeWolff, Edward N.
2003 Trends in Income Inequality, Pro-Poor Income Growth and Income MobilityJenkins, Stephen P. / van Kerm, Philippe
2004 Rooms of One?s Own : Gender, Race and Home Ownership as Wealth Accumulation in the United StatesSedo, Stanley A. / Kossoudji, Sherrie A.
2005 The Age of Discontent: Italian Households at the Beginning of the DecadeBoeri, Tito / Brandolini, Andrea
2003 Estimation of Generalized Entropy and Atkinson Inequality Indices from Complex Survey DataBiewen, Martin / Jenkins, Stephen P.
2002 Employment Patterns of Husbands and Wives and Family Income Distribution in Italy (1977-1998)Del Boca, Daniela / Pasqua, Silvia
2002 Estimating the Effect of Income on Health and Mortality Using Lottery Prizes as Exogenous Source of Variation in IncomeLindahl, Mikael

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