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2014 Does composition matter? Wage inequality and the demographic and educational structure of the labor force in GemanyKlemm, Marcus / Weigert, Benjamin
2013 Reducing income inequality in EuropeAtkinson, Anthony Barnes
2014 A tale of two tails: Preferences of neutral third-parties in three-player ultimatum gamesBosch-Rosa, Ciril
2002 Endogenous distribution, politics, and growthDas, Satya Prasanna / Ghate, Chetan
2002 Accounting for poverty differences between the United States, Great Britain, and GermanyBiewen, Martin / Jenkins, Stephen P.
2002 The effect of family income during childhood on later-life attainment : evidence from GermanyJenkins, Stephen P. / Schluter, Christian
2003 Missing Income Data in the German SOEP: Incidence, Imputation and its Impact on the Income distributionGrabka, Markus M. / Frick, Joachim R.
2003 Who are the chronic poor? Evidence on the extent and the composition of chronic poverty in GermanyBiewen, Martin
2003 Smoothed Income Poverty in European CountriesKuchler, Birgit / Goebel, Jan
2004 Are People Inequality Averse, and Do They Prefer Redistribution by the State? Evidence from German Longitudinal Data on Life SatisfactionSchwarze, Johannes / Härpfer, Marco

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