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2010 Talents, Preferences and Inequality of Well-BeingEbert, Udo / Moyes, Patrick
2004 Modelling the redistributive impact of indirect taxes in Europe: an application of EUROMODO'Donoghue, Cathal / Baldini, Massimo / Mantovani, Daniela
2015 The pattern of home ownership across cohorts and its impact on the net wealth distribution: Empirical evidence from Germany and the USAlik-Lagrange, Arthur / Schmidt, Tobias
14-May-2015 An alternative measure of economic inequality under the Lorenz curve framework in analogue to the index of refraction of geometrical opticsMajumder, Amlan
2010 Main Characteristics of the Hungarian Income Inequality as Shown by the Data of the Income Surveys Carried out by the CSO in the Last Half CenturyÉltető, Ödön / Havasi, Éva
2015 The Income Distribution in the UK: A Picture of Advantage and DisadvantageJenkins, Stephen P.
2011 Evaluating real world income distributions behind the veil of ignorance: How risk averse do you have to be to prefer Europe over the US?Weichenrieder, Alfons / Zafar, Tasneem
2012 Lifetime versus annual tax progressivity: Sweden, 1968-2009Bengtsson, Niklas / Holmlund, Bertil / Waldenström, Daniel
2007 Leaky bucket in the real world: estimating inequality aversion using survey dataPirttilä, Jukka / Uusitalo, Roope
2006 Bequests, taxation and the distribution of wealth in a general equilibrium modelKleiber, Christian / Sexauer, Martin / Wälde, Klaus

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