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DateTitle Authors
2014 Why has Inequality in Germany not Risen Further After 2005?Rehm, Miriam / Schmid, Kai Daniel / Wang, Dieter
2010 Talents, Preferences and Inequality of Well-BeingEbert, Udo / Moyes, Patrick
2004 Modelling the redistributive impact of indirect taxes in Europe: an application of EUROMODO'Donoghue, Cathal / Baldini, Massimo / Mantovani, Daniela
2010 Main Characteristics of the Hungarian Income Inequality as Shown by the Data of the Income Surveys Carried out by the CSO in the Last Half CenturyÉltető, Ödön / Havasi, Éva
2015 The Income Distribution in the UK: A Picture of Advantage and DisadvantageJenkins, Stephen P.
2011 Evaluating real world income distributions behind the veil of ignorance: How risk averse do you have to be to prefer Europe over the US?Weichenrieder, Alfons / Zafar, Tasneem
2012 Lifetime versus annual tax progressivity: Sweden, 1968-2009Bengtsson, Niklas / Holmlund, Bertil / Waldenström, Daniel
2007 Leaky bucket in the real world: estimating inequality aversion using survey dataPirttilä, Jukka / Uusitalo, Roope
2006 Bequests, taxation and the distribution of wealth in a general equilibrium modelKleiber, Christian / Sexauer, Martin / Wälde, Klaus
2005 Labour market institutions and the personal distribution of income in the OECDChecchi, Daniele / García-Peñalosa, Cecilia

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