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DateTitle Authors
2013 Preparation of data from the new SOEP consumption module: Editing, imputation, and smoothingMarcus, Jan / Siegers, Rainer / Grabka, Markus M.
2009 Pro-poor growth using non-income indicators: An empirical illustration for ColombiaCardozo, Adriana / Grosse, Melanie
2007 A comment on the relationship between firms' size and growth rateBottazzi, Giulio
2007 The money-age distribution: empirical facts and limited monetary modelsHeer, Burkhard / Maußner, Alfred / McNelis, Paul D.
2006 The Effect of Growth and Inequality in Incomes on Health Inequality: Theory and Empirical Evidence from the European PanelOurti, Tom Van / Doorslaer, Eddy Van / Koolman, Xander
2009 Social mobility in Latin America: A review of existing evidenceAzevedo, Viviane / Bouillon, César P.
2009 Pro-Poor Growth Using Non-Income Indicators: An Empirical Illustration for ColombiaCardozo, Adriana / Grosse, Melanie
2010 Investing in care: A strategy for effective and equitable job creationAntonopoulos, Rania / Kim, Kijong / Masterson, Tom / Zacharias, Ajit
2010 Identifying the Income-Poor: Some Controversies in India and ElsewhereSubramanian, Sreenivasan
2000 The evolution of income inequality during the rise of the Swedish welfare state 1951 to 1973Björklund, Anders / Palme, Mårten

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