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DateTitle Authors
2007 Why is consumption more log normal than income? Gibrat's law revisitedBattistin, Erich / Blundell, Richard / Lewbel, Arthur
2014 Labor income dynamics and the insurance from taxes, transfers and the familyBlundell, Richard / Graber, Michael / Mogstad, Magne
2013 Messung von Ausmaß, Intensität und Konzentration des Einkommens- und Vermögensreichtums in DeutschlandRosemann, Martin / Tiefensee, Anita
2010 Sorting on skills and preferences: Tinbergen meets SattingerDupuy, Arnaud
2009 Wage dispersion in a partially unionized labor forceAddison, John T. / Bailey, Ralph W. / Siebert, William Stanley
2009 In the eye of the beholder: subjective inequality measures and the demand for redistributionKuhn, Andreas
2012 Intergenerational earnings mobility in Japan among sons and daughters: Levels and trendsLefranc, Arnaud / Ojima, Fumiaki / Yoshida, Takashi
2010 Inequality aversion and risk attitudesFerrer-i-Carbonell, Ada / Ramos, Xavier
2009 When supply meets demand: wage inequality in PortugalCenteno, Mário / Novo, Álvaro A.
2010 Hierarchical organization and inequality in an economy with an implicit market for productive timeCandelon, Bertrand / Dupuy, Arnaud

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