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2004 Did European Labor Markets Become More Competitive in the 1990s? : Evidence from Estimated Worker RentsSaint-Paul, Gilles
2007 Using the P90/P10 Index to Measure US Inequality Trends with Current Population Survey Data: A View from Inside the Census Bureau VaultsBurkhauser, Richard V. / Feng, Shuaizhang / Jenkins, Stephen P.
2003 The Impact of Deunionisation on Earnings Dispersion RevisitedAddison, John T. / Bailey, Ralph W. / Siebert, William Stanley
2007 Wissen und Neue Wachstumstheorie: die Rolle von fachspezifischem HumankapitalRehme, Günther
2007 Endogenous (re-)distributive policies and economic growth: a comparative static analysisRehme, Günther
2002 Gender differences in German upward income mobilityGang, Ira N. / Landon-Lane, John / Yun, Myeong-Su
2007 Using pseudo-panels to measure income mobility in Latin AmericaCuesta, Jose / Ñopo, Hugo / Pizzolitto, Georgina
1998 Consequences of rising income inequality : a commentSiebert, Horst
2005 Exchange rate policy in a dollarized economy: A CGE analysis for BoliviaSchweickert, Rainer / Thiele, Rainer / Wiebelt, Manfred
2008 Status preferences and optimal corrective taxes: A noteBeckmann, Klaus / Gattke, Susan

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