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DateTitle Authors
2006 The return to capital in GhanaUdry, Christopher / Anagol, Santosh
2008 Corporate debt maturity choice in transition financial marketsStephan, Andreas / Talavera, Oleksandr / Tsapin, Andriy
2008 What drives the productive efficiency of a firm? The importance of industry, location, R&D, and sizeBadunenko, Oleg / Fritsch, Michael / Stephan, Andreas
2008 Productivity growth in European railways: technological progress, efficiency change and scale effectsWetzel, Heike
2009 Der Einfluss regionaler und demographischer Umfeldfaktoren auf die Kosten- und Ertragssituation von Sparkassen: Eine EffizienzanalyseConrad, Alexander / Neuberger, Doris / Trigo Gamarra, Lucinda
2008 The effects of liberalization and deregulation on the performance of financial institutions: The case of the German life insurance marketTrigo Gamarra, Lucinda
2014 Retail Productivity: Investigating the Influence of Market Size and Regional HierarchyÖner, Özge
2009 Benchmarking and firm heterogeneity in electricity distribution: a latent class analysis of GermanyCullmann, Astrid
2009 Investing in biogas: timing, technological choice and the value of flexibility from inputs mixCorato, Luca Di / Moretto, Michele
2009 Product policy and the East-West productivity gap: evidence from German manufacturing firmsGörzig, Bernd / Gornig, Martin / Voshage, Ramona / Werwatz, Axel

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