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2014 First do no harm. Then do not cheat: DRG upcoding in German neonatologyJürges, Hendrik / Köberlein, Juliane
2005 A taxonomy of myopic stability concepts for hedonic gamesSung, Shao Chin / Dimitrov, Dinko
2009 Bait contractsVierø, Marie-Louise
2007 Persuasion as a contestSkaperdas, Stergios / Vaidya, Samarth
2013 "Making it count": Evidence from a Field Experiment on Assessment Rules, Study Incentives and Student PerformanceLuehrmann, Melanie / Chevalier, Arnaud / Dolton, Peter
2006 The Vanishing Barter Economy in Russia: A Test of the Virtual Economy Hypothesis? Reply to Barry IckesMarin, Dalia
2013 First Do No Harm. Then Do Not Cheat: DRG Upcoding in German NeonatologyJürges, Hendrik / Köberlein, Juliane
2014 Roots of Financial LiteracyGrohmann, Antonia / Kouwenberg, Roy / Menkhoff, Lukas
2013 Financial fragility and the distribution of firm growth ratesBottazzi, Giulio / Secchi, Angelo
2013 Zipf law and the firm size distribution: A critical discussion of popular estimatorsBottazzi, Giulio / Pirino, Davide / Tamagni, Federico

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