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2012 Joint leisure before and after retirement: A double regression discontinuity approachStancanelli, Elena G. F. / van Soest, Arthur
2013 Is the persistent gender gap in income and wages due to unequal family responsibilities?Angelov, Nikolay / Johansson, Per / Lindahl, Erica
2013 Gender differences in preferences for health-related absences from workAvdic, Daniel / Johansson, Per
2008 Unintended consequences of welfare reform: the case of divorced parentsFrancesconi, Marco / Rainer, Helmut / van der Klaauw, Wilbert
2013 Gender differences in sickness absence and the gender division of family responsibilitiesAngelov, Nikolay / Johansson, Per / Lindahl, Erica
2007 Struggle over th pie? The gendered distribution of power and subjective financial well-being within UK householdsDe Henau, Jerome / Himmelweit, Susan
2008 Estimating individual total costs of domestic violenceSantos, Cristina
2006 Diffusion of a Social Norm: Tracing the Emergence of the Housewife in the Netherlands, 1812-1922van Poppel, Frans W.A. / van Dalen, Hendrik P. / Walhout, Evelien
2015 Gender Differences in the Distribution of Total Work-Time of Latin-American Families: The Importance of Social NormsCampaña, Juan Carlos / Gimenez-Nadal, J. Ignacio / Molina, José Alberto
2010 How to think about time-use data: What inferences can we make about long- and short-run time use from time diaries?Frazis, Harley / Stewart, Jay

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