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2010 Honey, I'll be working late tonight. The effect of individual work routines on leisure time synchronization of couplesScheffel, Juliane
2013 Beyond Ramsey: Gender-Based Taxation with Non-Cooperative CouplesMeier, Volker / Rainer, Helmut
2009 Evidence on unemployment, market work and household productionBurda, Michael C. / Hamermesh, Daniel S.
2007 How responsive is body weight to transitory income changes? Evidence from rural TanzaniaBengtsson, Niklas
2014 Making dough or baking dough? Spousal housework responsibilities in Germany, 1992-2011Procher, Vivien / Ritter, Nolan / Vance, Colin
2008 A Public Good Version of the Collective Household Model: An Empirical Approach with an Application to British Household Datavan Klaveren, Chris / van Praag, Bernard M.S. / van den Brink, Henriette Maassen
2014 How Do Married Women Respond When Their Husbands Lose Their Jobs? Evidence from Turkey During the Recent CrisisAyhan, Sinem H.
2014 Family Decision-Making on International MigrationNikolka, Till / Poutvaara, Panu
2014 Social Norms or Income Taxation - What Drives Couple's Labor Supply? Experimental EvidenceSchröder, Melanie / Schmitt, Norma / Mantei, Britta / Brünn, Claudia
2010 The Quantitative Role of Child Care for Female Labor Force Participation and FertilityBick, Alexander

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