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2008 A Public Good Version of the Collective Household Model: An Empirical Approach with an Application to British Household Datavan Klaveren, Chris / van Praag, Bernard M.S. / van den Brink, Henriette Maassen
2010 The Quantitative Role of Child Care for Female Labor Force Participation and FertilityBick, Alexander
2008 Ethnicity and human capital accumulation in urban MexicoÑopo, Hugo / Winder, Natalia
2012 Beyond the average elasticity: Applying quantile panel regression to German household mobility dataRitter, Nolan
2010 Gender, transnational networks and remittances: Evidence from GermanyHolst, Elke / Schäfer, Andrea / Schrooten, Mechthild
2008 How do Parents allocate Time ?Bloemen, Hans G. / Stancanelli, Elena G.F.
2008 An Empirical Analysis of the Time Allocation of Italian Couples: Are Italian Men Irresponsive?Bloemen, Hans G. / Pasqua, Silvia / Stancanelli, Elena G.F.
2011 Intra-Household Work Timing: The Effect on Joint Activities and the Demand for Child Carevan Klaveren, Chris / van den Brink, Henriette Maassen / van Praag, Bernard M.S.
2006 How does household production affect earnings inequality? Evidence from the American time use surveyFrazis, Harley / Stewart, Jay
2007 Female land rights, crop specialization, and productivity in Paraguayan agricultureMasterson, Thomas

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