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2006 A collective household model of time allocation: a comparison of native Dutch and immigrant households in the Netherlandsvan Klaveren, Chris / van Praag, Bernard / Maassen van den Brink, Henriëtte
2006 Diffusion of a Social Norm: Tracing the Emergence of the Housewife in the Netherlands, 1812-1922van Poppel, Frans W.A. / van Dalen, Hendrik P. / Walhout, Evelien
2010 Married with children: A collective labor supply model with detailed time use and intrahousehold expenditure informationCherchye, Laurens / De Rock, Bram / Vermeulen, Frederic
2011 Remittances and gender: Theoretical considerations and empirical evidenceHolst, Elke / Schäfer, Andrea / Schrooten, Mechthild
2011 Intra-household work timing: The effect on joint activities and the demand for child carevan Klaveren, Chris / Maassen van den Brink, Henriëtte / van Praag, Bernard
2011 Globalization, gender and development: The effect of parental labor supply on child schoolingMarchand, Beyza Ural / Rees, Ray / Riezman, Raymond
2013 Gender power, fertility, and family policyKemnitz, Alexander / Thum, Marcel
2010 The optimal tax rule in the presence of time useLim, Jean / Rodríguez-Zamora, Carolina
2013 Peeing out of poverty? Human fertilizer and the productivity of farming householdsPettersson, Jan / Wikström, Johan
2011 Education in a marriage market model without commitmentHyee, Raphaela

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