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DateTitle Authors
2011 Nothing is free: A survey of the social cost of the main payment instruments in HungaryTurján, Anikó / Divéki, Éva / Keszy-Harmath, Éva / Kóczán, Gergely / Takács, Kristóf
2004 Stress That Doesn't Pay : The Commuting ParadoxStutzer, Alois / Frey, Bruno S.
2008 A Public Good Version of the Collective Household Model: An Empirical Approach with an Application to British Household Datavan Klaveren, Chris / van Praag, Bernard M.S. / van den Brink, Henriette Maassen
2002 A pint a day raises a man's pay; but smoking blows that gain awayvan Ours, Jan C.
2013 Socioeconomic inequalities in child health in IrelandLayte, Richard / Nolan, Anne
2010 Angebotsinduzierung und Mitnahmeeffekte im Rahmen der Riester-Rente. Eine empirische AnalysePfarr, Christian / Schneider, Udo
2007 Owner-occupied housing costs and bias in the Irish consumer price indexMcCarthy, Colm
2010 Strategic Buyers and Market EntryBruttel, Lisa V. / Glöckner, Jochen
2006 Nonparametric analysis of household labor supply: goodness-of-fit and power of the unitary and the collective modelCherchye, Laurens / Vermeulen, Frederic
2006 Empirical estimation results of a collective household time allocation modelvan Klaveren, Chris / van Praag, Bernard / Maassen van den Brink, Henriëtte

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