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DateTitle Authors
2012 Identifying the independent sources of consumption variationBarigozzi, Matteo / Moneta, Alessio
1997 Estimation of Household Demand Systems Using Unit Value DataPreston, Ian / Laisney, François / Crawford, Ian A.
2008 Household expenditure on cigarettes and tobacco in SyriaAlachkar, Ahmad
2014 The behavioural economics of competitive balance: Implications for league policy and championship managementBudzinski, Oliver / Pawlowski, Tim
2011 Censored Demand System Estimation with Endogenous Expenditures in clustered samples: an application to food demand in urban MozambiqueBarslund, Mikkel
2005 Money illusion under testBoes, Stefan / Lipp, Markus / Winkelmann, Rainer
2002 Identification of network externalities in markets for non-durablesGrajek, Michal
2011 Unwillingness to pay for privacy: A field experimentBeresford, Alastair R. / Kübler, Dorothea / Preibusch, Sören
2013 Knowing what not to do: Financial literacy and consumer credit choicesDick, Christian D. / Jaroszek, Lena M.
2013 Personality traits and the perception of macroeconomic indicators: Survey evidenceOrland, Andreas

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