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DateTitle Authors
2006 Opt in versus opt out: a free-entry analysis of privacy policiesBouckaert, Jan / Degryse, Hans
2008 Price discrimination bans on dominant firmsBouckaert, Jan / Degryse, Hans / Dijk, Theon van
2011 Aggregation and other biases in the calculation of consumer elasticities for models of arbitrary rankDenton, Frank T. / Mountain, Dean C.
2014 The magic of storytelling: How curiosity and aesthetic preferences workBianchi, Marina
2008 Crunch time: A policy to avoid the announcement effect when terminating a subsidyGürtler, Marc / Sieg, Gernot
2008 A utility representation theorem with weaker continuity conditionInoue, Tomoki
2006 Robust optimization of consumption with random endowmentWittmüß, Wiebke
2008 On the value of deadlinesHerweg, Fabian / Müller, Daniel
2012 Revealed preference and choice under uncertaintyBossert, Walter / Suzumura, Kotaro
2011 Generalized marginal rate of substitution in multiconstraint consumer's problems and their reciprocal expenditure problemsBesada, Manuel / García, Javier / Mirás, Miguel / Vázquez, Carmen

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