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2012 Sistema brasileiro de registro de preços: Virtudes e vícios à luz da teoria econômicaBarbosa, Klênio
2012 What makes voters turn out: The effects of polls and beliefsAgranov, Marina / Goeree, Jacob K. / Romero, Julian / Yariv, Leeat
2014 The Effect of Communication Channels on Promise-Making and Promise-KeepingConrads, Julian / Reggiani, Tommaso
2014 Evolution of cooperation in social dilemmas: Signaling internalized normsMüller, Stephan / von Wangenheim, Georg
2014 Identity changes and the efficiency of reputation systemsWibral, Matthias
2014 Making it personal: Breach and private ordering in a contract farming experimentKunte, Sebastian / Wollni, Meike / Keser, Claudia
2014 The impact of market innovations on the evolution of norms: the sustainability caseMüller, Stephan / von Wangenheim, Georg
2010 The economics of debt clearing mechanismsBörner, Lars / Hatfield, John William
2014 Institutions, Shared Guilt, and Moral TransgressionSzech, Nora / Rothenhäusler, Dominik / Schweizer, Nikolaus
2012 Ranking alternatives by a fair bidding rule: A theoretical and experimental analysisGüth, Werner / Levati, M. Vittoria / Montinari, Natalia

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