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DateTitle Authors
2008 Caste based discrimination: evidence and policySiddique, Zahra
2013 Toward an Understanding of why Suggestions Work in Charitable Fundraising: Theory and Evidence from a Natural Field ExperimentEdwards, James T. / List, John A.
2013 Testing the Theory of Multitasking: Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment in Chinese FactoriesHong, Fuhai / Hossain, Tanjim / List, John A. / Tanaka, Migiwa
2014 What Do Field Experiments of Discrimination in Markets Tell Us? A Meta Analysis of Studies Conducted since 2000Rich, Judy
2011 The long shadow of income on trustworthinessErmisch, John / Gambetta, Diego
2009 'Let me dream on!' Anticipatory Emotions and Preference for Timing in LotteriesKocher, Martin / Krawczyk, Michal / van Winden, Frans
2009 Testing enforcement strategies in the field: legal threat, moral appeal and social informationFellner, Gerlinde / Sausgruber, Rupert / Traxler, Christian
2010 Dynamic Incentive Effects of Relative Performance Pay: A Field ExperimentDelfgaauw, Josse / Dur, Robert / Non, Arjan / Verbeke, Willem
2010 Will you accept without knowing what? A Thuringian newspaper experiment of the Yes-No GameGüth, Werner / Kirchkamp, Oliver
2012 Teaching teenagers in finance: does it work?Lührmann, Melanie / Serra-Garcia, Marta / Winter, Joachim

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