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2010 Teams Make You Smarter: Learning and Knowledge Transfer in Auctions and Markets by Teams and IndividualsMaciejovsky, Boris / Sutter, Matthias / Budescu, David V. / Bernau, Patrick
2011 Role selection and team performanceCooper, David J. / Sutter, Matthias
2011 How does the social distance between an employee and a manager affect employee competition for a reward?Dutcher, Glenn
2011 Truth, trust, and sanctions: On institutional selection in sender-receiver gamesPeeters, Ronald / Vorsatz, Marc / Walzl, Markus
2011 Group Decision Making Under Risk: An Experiment with Student CouplesHe, Haoran / Martinsson, Peter / Sutter, Matthias
2011 On the role of heuristics: Experimental evidence on inflation dynamicsGraf Lambsdorff, Johann / Schubert, Manuel / Giamattei, Marcus
2007 Communication, cooperation and collusion in team tournaments: An experimental studySutter, Matthias / Strassmair, Christina
2008 Error cascades in observational learning: An experiment on the Chinos gameFeri, Francesco / Meléndez-Jiménez, Miguel A. / Ponti, Giovanni / Vega Redondo, Fernando
2011 Short sale constraints, divergence of opinion and asset values: Evidence from the laboratoryFellner, Gerline / Theissen, Erik
2001 Simultaneous and sequential price competition in heterogeneous duopoly markets: Experimental evidenceKübler, Dorothea / Müller, Wieland

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