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2004 Herding with and without payoff externalities - an internet experimentDrehmann, Mathias / Oechssler, Jörg / Roider, Andreas
2010 Coordination and critical mass in a network market: An experimental investigationRuffle, Bradley J. / Weiss, Avi / Etziony, Amir
2012 Are groups more rational than individuals? A review of interactive decision making in groupsKugler, Tamar / Kausel, Edgar E. / Kocher, Martin G.
1999 Hurting hurts more than Helping helps: The Role of the Self-serving BiasOfferman, Theo
2004 Do opponents' experience matter? Experimental evidence from a quantity precommitment gameLeCoq, Chloé / Roine, Jesper
2012 "Do we follow others when we should? A simple test of rational expectations": CommentZiegelmeyer, Anthony / March, Christoph / Krügel, Sebastian
2011 Accountability and the fairness bias in the context of joint production: Effects of bonuses and opportunitiesBecker, Alice
2014 Improving voluntary public good provision by a non-governmental, endogenous matching mechanism: Experimental evidenceReif, Christiane / Rübbelke, Dirk / Löschel, Andreas
2013 Taking Punishment into Your Own Hands: An ExperimentDuersch, Peter / Müller, Julia
2000 Conditional Cooperation and Voluntary Contributions to Public GoodsKeser, Claudia / van Winden, Frans A.A.M.

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