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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013Can You Trust the Good Guys? Trust Within and Between Groups with Different MissionsFehrler, Sebastian; Kosfeld, Michael
2011The Power of Sunspots: An Experimental AnalysisHeinemann, Frank; Llorente-Saguer, Aniol; Fehr, Dietmar
2015Combining "Real Effort" with Induced Effort Costs: The Ball-Catching TaskGaechter, Simon; Huang, Lingbo; Sefton, Martin
2007Inequity Aversion and Individual Behavior in Public Good Games: An Experimental InvestigationDannenberg, Astrid; Riechmann, Thomas; Sturm, Bodo; Vogt, Carsten
2012The impact of burden sharing rules on the voluntary provision of public goodsKesternich, Martin; Lange, Andreas; Sturm, Bodo
2010Coordinating to protect the global climate: Experimental evidence on the role of inequality and commitmentTavoni, Alessandro; Dannenberg, Astrid; Löschel, Andreas
2011Myopic or farsighted? An experiment on network formationMantovani, Marco; Kirchsteiger, Georg; Mauleon, Ana; Vannetelbosch, Vincent
2008In Search of Workers' Real Effort Reciprocity - A Field and a Laboratory ExperimentHennig-Schmidt, Heike; Rockenbach, Bettina; Sadrieh, Abdolkarim
2015Minimum participation rules in international environmental agreements: Empirical evidence from a survey among delegates in international climate negotiationsKesternich, Martin
2013Equality-Efficiency Trade-off within French and German Couples - A Comparative Experimental StudyBeblo, Miriam; Beninger, Denis; Cochard, Francois; Couprie, Helene; Hopfensitz, Astrid