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2003 The role of choice in social dilemma experimentsMaier-Rigaud, Frank P. / Apesteguia, Jose
2009 Clean evidence on face-to-face: why experimental economics is of interest to regional economistsFrank, Björn
2005 Is there a link between economic outcomes and genetic evolution? Cross-country evidence from the major histocompatibility complexBorghans, José A. M. / Borghans, Lex / ter Weel, Bas
2007 Let me see you!: video experiment on the social dimension of risk preferencesGüth, Werner / Levati, Maria Vittoria / Ploner, Matteo
2011 Nonrenewable Resources, Strategic Behavior and the Hotelling Rule: An Experimentvan Veldhuizen, Roel / Sonnemans, Joep
2009 On the independence of observations between experimentsMatthey, Astrid / Regner, Tobias
2008 On an evolutionary foundation of neuroeconomicsSchipper, Burkhard C.
1999 Knowing What Works The Case for Rigorous Program EvaluationSchmidt, Christoph M.
2011 Pareto meets Olson: A note on Pareto-optimality and group size in linear public goods gamesPickhardt, Michael
2001 Evaluating Environmental Programs: The Perspective of Modern Evaluation ResearchFrondel, Manuel / Schmidt, Christoph M.

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