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2009 Heterogeneity in risky choice behaviour in a broad populationvon Gaudecker, Hans-Martin / van Soest, Arthur / Wengström, Erik
2009 Does positional concern matter in poor societies? Evidence from a survey experiment in rural EthiopiaAkay, Alpaslan / Martinsson, Peter / Medhin, Haileselassie
2009 Preferences and beliefs in a sequential social dilemma: a within-subjects analysisBlanco, Mariana / Engelmann, Dirk / Koch, Alexander K. / Normann, Hans-Theo
2011 Experts in experiments: How selection matters for estimated distributions of risk preferencesvon Gaudecker, Hans-Martin / van Soest, Arthur / Wengström, Erik
2010 Self selection does not increase other-regarding preferences among adult laboratory subjects, but student subjects may be more self-regarding than adultsAnderson, Jon / Burks, Stephen V. / Carpenter, Jeffrey P. / Goette, Lorenz / Maurer, Karsten / Nosenzo, Daniele / Potter, Ruth / Rocha, Kim / Rustichini, Aldo
2011 The roles of incentives and voluntary cooperation for contractual complianceGächter, Simon / Kessler, Esther / Königstein, Manfred
2010 Indirect effects of a policy altering criminal behaviour: Evidence from the Italian prison experimentDrago, Francesco / Galbiati, Roberto
2011 A novel computerized real effort task based on slidersGill, David / Prowse, Victoria L.
2011 Is there selection bias in laboratory experiments? The case of social and risk preferencesCleave, Blair L. / Nikiforakis, Nikos / Slonim, Robert
2005 The neuroeconomics of mind reading and empathySinger, Tania / Fehr, Ernst

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