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2012 Cooperation preferences in the provision of public goods: An experimental study on the effects of social identityLankau, Matthias / Bicskei, Marianna / Bizer, Kilian
2007 Is observed other-regarding behavior always genuine?Matthey, Astrid / Regner, Tobias
2008 Institutions and contract enforcementFalk, Armin / Huffman, David / MacLeod, W. Bentley
2008 Positive and negative team identity in a promotion gameEberlein, Marion / Walkowitz, Gari
2008 Explaining and forecasting results of the Self-Sufficiency ProjectFerrall, Christopher
2006 The efficiency of equityKlasen, Stephan
2013 Effects of religiosity on social behaviour: Experimental evidence from a representative sample of spaniardsBrañas-Garza, Pablo / Espín, Antonio M. / Neuman, Shoshana
2013 Who knows It is a game? On rule understanding, strategic awareness and cognitive abilityFehr, Dietmar / Huck, Steffen
2010 Why the linear utility function is a risky choice in discrete-choice experimentsSennhauser, Michèle
2013 Democracy and Regulation: The Effects of Electoral Competition on Infrastructure InvestmentsSchram, Arthur / Ule, Aljaz

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