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2012 Risk, entitlements and fairness bias: Explaining preferences for redistribution in multi-person settingKataria, Mitesh / Montinari, Natalia
2007 Eliciting environmental preferences of Ghanaians: an experimental approachMeroz, Yael / Morone, Andrea / Morone, Piergiuseppe
2006 Selling favors in the lab: experiments on campaign finance reformHouser, Daniel / Stratmann, Thomas
2006 The chopstick auction: a study of the exposure problem in multi-unit auctionsEnglmaier, Florian / Guillén, Pablo / Llorente, Loreto / Onderstal, Sander / Sausgruber, Rupert
2008 Exploring higher-order risk effectsDeck, Cary / Schlesinger, Harris
2013 Information transparency, fairness and labor market efficiencyIsgin, Ebru / Sopher, Barry
2013 Relative Performance Pay in the Shadow of CrisisKräkel, Matthias / Nieken, Petra
2004 Money Illusion and Coordination FailureFehr, Ernst / Tyran, Jean-Robert
2013 Sorting via screening versus signaling: A theoretic and experimental comparisonGüth, Werner / Winter, Fabian
2004 Contracts, fairness, and incentivesFehr, Ernst / Klein, Alexander / Schmidt, Klaus M.

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