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2008 Validating the use of vignettes for subjective threshold scalesDelaney, Liam / Harmon, Colm P. / Kapteyn, Arie / van Soest, Arthur / Smith, James P.
2010 Modeling college major choices using elicited measures of expectations and counterfactualsArcidiacono, Peter / Hotz, V. Joseph / Kang, Songman
2009 Recent trends in top income shares in the USA: reconciling estimates from march CPS and IRS tax return dataBurkhauser, Richard V. / Feng, Shuaizhang / Jenkins, Stephen P. / Larrimore, Jeff
2009 A simple feasible alternative procedure to estimate models with high-dimensional fixed effectsGuimarães, Paulo / Portugal, Pedro
2010 Is earnings nonresponse ignorable?Bollinger, Christopher R. / Hirsch, Barry T.
2005 School progression and the grade distribution of students: evidence from the current population surveyCascio, Elizabeth U.
1998 Memorandum: Erfolgsbedingungen empirischer Wirtschaftsforschung und empirisch gestuetzter wirtschafts- und sozialpolitischer BeratungHauser, Richard / Wagner, Gert G. / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2010 Nonresponse and focal point answers to subjective probability questionsKleinjans, Kristin J. / van Soest, Arthur
1989 On the Econometric Analysis of Production When There Are No Output DataMellander, Erik / Ysander, Bengt-Christer
1983 Collection Data for Micro Analysis. Experiences from the HUS-Pilot StudyKlevmarken, Anders

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