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2013 On the role of research data centres in the management of publicationrelated research data: Results of a survey among scientific infrastructure service providersVlaeminck, Sven / Wagner, Gert G.
2004 Using Analysis of Gini (ANoGi) for Detecting Whether Two Sub-Samples Represent the Same Universe: The SOEP ExperienceFrick, Joachim R. / Goebel, Jan / Schechtman, Edna / Wagner, Gert G. / Yitzhaki, Shlomo
2004 Are Refugees Different from Economic Immigrants? : Some Empirical Evidence on the Heterogeneity of Immigrant Groups in the United StatesCortes, Kalena E.
2007 Representative Wealth Data for Germany from the German SOEP: The Impact of Methodological Decisions around Imputation and the Choice of the Aggregation UnitFrick, Joachim R. / Grabka, Markus M. / Sierminska, Eva M.
2005 Regional Income Stratification in Unified Germany Using a Gini Decomposition ApproachFrick, Joachim R. / Goebel, Jan
2004 Taking 'don't knows' as valid responses: A complete random imputation of missing dataKroh, Martin
2004 International Comparisons of Work DisabilityBanks, James / Kapteyn, Arie / Smith, James P. / van Soest, Arthur
2013 SOEP 2010 - Preparation of data from the New SOEP consumption module: Editing, imputation, and smoothingMarcus, Jan / Siegers, Rainer / Grabka, Markus M.
2009 Evaluating rural electrification projects: methodological approachesPeters, Jörg
2005 Regional income stratification in unified Germany using a Gini decomposition approachFrick, Joachim R. / Goebel, Jan

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