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2008 A Belgian flat income tax: Effects on labour supply and income distributionDecoster, André / De Swerdt, Kris / Orsini, Kristian
2010 Cross-validating administrative and survey datasets through microsimulation and the assessment of a tax reform in LuxembourgLiégeois, Philippe / Berger, Frédéric / Islam, Nizamul / Wagener, Raymond
2009 Panelerhebungen der amtlichen Statistik als Datenquellen für die SozialwissenschaftenGramlichl, Tobias / Bachteler, Tobias / Schimpl-Neimanns, Bernhard / Schnell, Rainer
2005 Replacement incomes and taxes: A distributional analysis for the EU-15 countriesVerbist, Gerlinde
2004 Fiscal stabilisers in Europe: The macroeconomic impact of tax and benefit systemsMabbett, Deborah
2004 Why People Reject Advantageous Offers Non-monotone Strategies in Ultimatum BargainingHennig-Schmidt, Heike / Li, Zhu-yu / Yang, Chaoliang
1995 MICSIM - concept, developments and applications of a PC-microsimulation model for research and teachingMerz, Joachim
1993 Market and non-market labor supply and recent German tax reform impacts: Behavioral response in a combined dynamic and static microsimulation modelMerz, Joachim
1994 Microsimulation - a survey of methods and applications for analyzing economic and social policyMerz, Joachim
2009 Time use and time budgets: Improvements, future challenges and recommendationsMerz, Joachim

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