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DateTitle Authors
2012 Aid and investment in statistics for AfricaRound, Jeffery I.
2010 Productivity premia for German manufacturing firms exporting to the Euro-area and beyond: First evidence from robust fixed effects estimationsVerardi, Vincenzo / Wagner, Joachim
2002 Dynamic Q-investment functions for Germany using panel balance sheet data and a new algorithm for the capital stock at replacement valuesBellgardt, Egon / Behr, Andreas
2011 Robust estimates of exporter productivity premia in German business services enterprisesVogel, Alexander / Wagner, Joachim
2013 What Do Experts Know About Forecasting Journal Quality? A Comparison with ISI Research Impact in FinanceChang, Chia-Lin / McAleer, Michael
2011 You don't know what you've got till it's gone! Unemployment and intertemporal changes in self-reported life satisfactionKlemm, Marcus
2011 Methods for evaluating educational programs: Does writing center participation affect student achievement?Bredtmann, Julia / Crede, Carsten J. / Otten, Sebastian
2004 Repeated surveys and the Kalman filterLind, Jo Thori
2011 The effect of financial incentives and task-specific cognitive abilities on task performanceRydval, Ondérej
2008 Sensitivity testing of net impact estimates of workforce development programs using administrative dataHollenbeck, Kevin

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