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2005 School progression and the grade distribution of students: evidence from the current population surveyCascio, Elizabeth U.
2011 Is it a good idea to optimise question format for mode of data collection? Results from a mixed modes experimentNicolaas, Gerry / Campanelli, Pamela / Hope, Steven / Jäckle, Annette / Lynn, Peter
2011 Does it matter how happiness is measured? Evidence from a randomized controlled experimentStuder, Raphael
2007 Noise and bias in eliciting preferencesHey, John Denis / Morone, Andrea / Schmidt, Ulrich
2009 The Values of Natural and Constructed Wetlands: A Meta-AnalysisGhermandi, Andrea / van den Bergh, Jeroen C.J.M. / Brander, Luke M. / de Groot, Henri L.F. / Nunes, Paulo A.L.D.
2009 Fehlende Daten beim Record Linkage von Prozess- und Befragungsdaten: Ein empirischer Vergleich ausgewählter Missing Data TechnikenKrug, Gerhard
1998 Memorandum: Erfolgsbedingungen empirischer Wirtschaftsforschung und empirisch gestuetzter wirtschafts- und sozialpolitischer BeratungHauser, Richard / Wagner, Gert G. / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2011 The effects of mixed mode survey designs on simple and complex analysesMartin, Peter / Lynn, Peter
2011 Extended field efforts to reduce the risk of non-response bias: Do they pay off?Hall, Julia / Brown, Victoria / Nicolaas, Gerry / Lynn, Peter
2011 Panel attrition: How important is it to keep the same interviewer?Lynn, Peter / Kaminska, Olena / Goldstein, Harvey

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