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DateTitle Authors
2004 Automatic Identification of Faked and Fraudulent Interviews in Surveys by Two Different MethodsSchäfer, Christin / Schräpler, Jörg-Peter / Müller, Klaus-Robert / Wagner, Gert G.
2005 Umstellung der deutschen VGR auf VorjahrespreisbasisTödter, Karl-Heinz
2000 Truth and robustness in cross-country growth regressionsHoover, Kevin D. / Perez, Stephen J.
2008 Tax loss offset restrictions - last resort for the treasury? An empirical evaluation of tax loss offset restrictions based on micro dataDwenger, Nadja
2002 Subjektive Daten in der empirischen Wirtschaftsforschung: Probleme und PerspektivenWinkelmann, Rainer
2014 Effectiveness of data correction rules in process-produced data: The case of educational attainmentKruppe, Thomas / Matthes, Britta / Unger, Stefanie
2013 The Rat Race Between World Cities: In Search of Exceptional Places by Means of Super-Efficient Data Development AnalysisKourtit, Karima / Nijkamp, Peter / Suzuki, Soushi
2001 Reducing child poverty in Europe: What can static microsimulation models tell us?Sutherland, Holly
2006 Lessons from building and using EUROMODLietz, Christine / Mantovani, Daniela
2005 Alternative tax-benefit strategies to support children in the European UnionLevy, Horacio / Lietz, Christine / Sutherland, Holly

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