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2013 The fatter the tail, the fatter the climate agreement: Simulating the influence of fat tails in climate change damages on the success of international climate negotiationsDekker, Thijs / Dellink, Rob / Ketterer, Janina
2007 The New Basel Accord and the Nature of Risk: A Game Theoretic PerspectiveSiebe, Wilfried / Milde, Hellmuth / Broll, Udo / Bieta, Volker
1997 Learning to like what you have: Explaining the endowment effectHuck, Steffen / Kirchsteiger, Georg / Oechssler, Jörg
2012 Motivational cherry pickingRegner, Tobias / Riener, Gerhard
2004 Decentralized trade, Random utility and the evolution of social welfareKandori, Michihiro / Serrano, Robert / Volij, Oscar
2011 The unnoticed difference between antitrust and competition policyLuňáčková, Petra
2014 Compliance Dynamics Generated by Social Interaction RulesLipatov, Vilen
2005 Coalition Formation under Uncertainty: The Stability Likelihood of an International Climate AgreementDellink, Rob / Finus, Michael / Olieman, Niels
2009 Simulating a sequential coalition formation process for the climate change problem: First come, but second served?Finus, Michael / Rundshagen, Bianca / Eyckmans, Johan
2009 Endogeneous household interactionDel Boca, Daniela / Flinn, Christopher J.

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