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2009 The ultimatum game and expected utility maximization: In view of attachment theoryAlmakias, Shaul / Weiss, Avi
2009 Matching heterogeneous agents with a linear search technologyNöldeke, Georg / Tröger, Thomas
2011 Matching as a cure for underprovision of voluntary public good supply: Analysis and an exampleBuchholz, Wolfgang / Cornes, Richard / Rübbelke, Dirk
2006 On the Strategic Use of Focal Points in Bargaining SituationsJanssen, Maarten C.W.
1998 Counter Intuitive Results in a Simple Model of Wage NegotiationsHouba, Harold / van Lomwel, Gijsbert
2014 Would I Care if I Knew? Image Concerns and Social Confirmation in GivingKritikos, Alexander S. / Tan, Jonathan H. W.
2013 Long-term relationship bargainingWestermark, Andreas
2013 International Environmental Agreements for River Sharing ProblemsHouba, Harold / van der Laan, Gerard / Zeng, Yuyu
2012 On Axiomatizations of the Shapley Value for Assignment Gamesvan den Brink, Rene / Pinter, Miklos
2014 The Roommate Problem - Is More Stable Than You ThinkChiappori, Pierre-André / Galichon, Alfred / Salanié, Bernard

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