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DateTitle Authors
2012 Serial dictatorship: The unique optimal allocation rule when information is endogenousBade, Sophie
2001 Stakeholders, Bargaining and StrikesShields, Michael A. / Price, Stephen Wheatley
1997 Manipulation and Stability in the College Admissions ProblemMa, Jinpeng
2010 Matching allocation problems with endogenous information acquisitionBade, Sophie
1995 Weakening the weak may harm the strong: A bargaining model where opting-in is costlyRiedl, Arno
1996 An exact implementation of the Nash bargaining solution in dominant strategiesTrockel, Walter
2002 Pre-negotiation for an international emission reduction gameImai, Haruo / Horie, Mayumi
2001 Nash bargaining solution with coalitions and the joint bargaining paradoxChae, Suchan / Heidhues, Paul
2007 Telling the truth may not pay off: an empirical study of centralised university admissions in GermanyBraun, Sebastian / Dwenger, Nadja / Kübler, Dorothea
2012 The Asymmetric Leximin SolutionDriesen, Bram W.

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