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2012 Consistency, Population Solidarity, and Egalitarian Solutions for TU-Gamesvan den Brink, Rene / Chun, Youngsub / Funaki, Yukihiko / Park, Boram
2011 The Myerson Value and Superfluous Supports in Union Stable SystemsAlgaba, Encarnacion / Bilbao, Jesus Mario / van den Brink, Rene / Lopez, Jorge J.
2011 Two Values for Transferable Utility Games with Coalition and Graph Structurevan den Brink, Rene / van der Laan, Gerard / Moes, Nigel
2012 Players Indifferent to Cooperate and Characterizations of the Shapley ValueManuel, Conrado / Gonzalez-Aranguena, Enrique / van den Brink
2011 A Note on the Shapley Value for Characteristic Functions on BipartitionsMuns, Sander
2012 A Bankruptcy Approach to the Core CoverEstévez-Fernández, Arantza / Fiestras-Janeiro, María Gloria / Mosquera, Manuel Alfredo / Rodríguez, Estela Sánchez-
2012 Associated Consistency Characterization of Two Linear Values for TU Games by Matrix ApproachXu, Genjiu / van den Brink, René / van der Laan, Gerard / Sun, Hao
2012 Games with a Local Permission Structure: Separation of Authority and Value Generationvan den Brink, Rene / Dietz, Chris
2011 An Owen-Type Value for Games with Two-Level Communication Structuresvan den Brink, Rene / Khmelnitskaya, Anna / van der Laan, Gerard
2007 Distributing Dividends in Games with Ordered Playersvan den Brink, René / van der Laan, Gerard / Vasil'ev, Valeri

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