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2007 A solution method for linear rational expectation models unde rimperfect informationShibayama, Katsuyuku
2010 The effect of policyholders' rationality on unit-linked life insurance contracts with surrender guaranteesLi, Jing / Szimayer, Alexander
2011 Describing the Dynamics of Distribution in Search and Matching Models by Fokker-Planck EquationsWälde, Klaus / Bayer, Christian
2007 Business Rules: Die Wissensverarbeitung erreicht die Betriebswirtschaft ; Einsatzmöglichkeiten und MarktübersichtLämmel, Uwe / Beifert, Anatoli / Brätz, Marcel / Brandenburg, Stefan / Buse, Matthias / Höhn, Christian / Mannheimer, Gert / Rehfeld, Michael / Richter, Alexander / Wissuwa, Stefan
2007 Computergestützte Management-Informationssysteme: Geschichte – Zukunft – KonsequenzenWrede, Florian
2011 O uso da sintaxe espacial na análise do desempenho do transporte urbano: Limites e potencialidadesPereira, Rafael Henrque Moraes / Barros, Ana Paula Borba Gonçalves / de Holanda, Frederico Rosa Borges / de Medeiros, Valério Augusto Soares
2014 Last Success Problem: Decision Rule and ApplicationKohn, Wolfgang
4-Mar-2014 Stop Waiting Problem: Decision Rule with Ψ function and Application with Share PricesKohn, Wolfgang
2013 The Attractiveness Of The European South As Described By A Cusp And A Butterfly Catastrophe ModelAngelis, Vasilis / Angelis-Dimakis, Athanasios / Dimaki, Katerina
2014 Identifying Clusters of Regions in the European South, based on their Economic, Social and Environmental CharacteristicsAngelis, Vasileios / Angelis-Dimakis, Athanasios / Dimaki, Katerina

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